About Ashton Pointe

Ashton Pointe is a Johnston neighborhood where families enjoy living and playing. A neighborhood that is welcoming and safe. There are 160 properties in the association. There are 2 common areas within the neighborhood, maintained by the association which benefits all of the property owners. A large common area between Wickham Drive and Enfield Drive, top right, is a conservation area with a walking trail and beautiful prairie grass, flowers and wildlife. Another tree lined walking trail, bottom right, with 120 conifer & hardwood trees is at home in the second common area of the neighborhood found on the east side of NW 100th Street between Ashton Drive and NW 68th Avenue.

When our neighborhood was developed, a comprehensive set of By-laws and Covenants were recorded to assure that the neighborhood would maintain an ongoing premier look which would encourage appreciating property values. Pointe Vista Park, bottom left, is a wonderful city park. It adjoins the development offering playground equipment for younger children and an expansive open space to run, play and meet up with your neighbors.