Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the association's management company?

Doerrfeld Properties, LLC is a well-established, highly recommended, local company which offers its many valuable services and resources to our Association.

Doerrfeld Properties, LLC is located at 4349 NW Urbandale Drive in Urbandale. The direct contact for our management service is Elizabeth Doerrfeld with Doerrfeld Properties at (515) 778-5528 or by e-mail (

The Doerrfeld Properties, LLC After-Hours Emergency number is (515) 778-5528.

What kind of committees does the association have?

The Association’s current committees are Architectural, Nominating, Social and Web Site. If you have expertise or an interest in helping with these or implementing a new committee to improve our Association, please contact us!

How often does the board of directors meet?

The Board of Directors meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Johnston Library starting at 6:30 p.m.

How do I attend a board of directors meeting?

The meeting of the Board of Directors is open to any homeowner.  If you would like to speak to the board during this meeting, please contact Elizabeth Doerrfeld with Doerrfeld Properties, LLC at (515) 778-5528 or by e-mail ( by the Friday before the meeting.

We ask this to allow us to book an appropriately sized meeting room as well as get you added to the agenda.

How do I contact the board of directors?

The Board of Directors always likes to hear any questions or comments you have about the homeowners association or about your experiences living in Ashton Pointe.

In all correspondence please be sure to indicate that you are a resident and your address.

The board can be reached by contacting Elizabeth Doerrfeld with Doerrfeld Properties, LLC at (515) 778-5528 or by e-mail ( or by using the following e-mail address (

You can also use USPS mail with the following address:
Ashton Pointe Board of Directors
c/o Doerrfeld Properties, LLC
4349 NW Urbandale Drive
Urbandale, IA 50322

How am I able to find out what actions and decisions the Board of Directors have taken as well as the financial state of the association?

Due to privacy and security concerns, we do not post the minutes of the board meeting or the current financials on the website.

Please contact Elizabeth Doerrfeld with Doerrfeld Properties, LLC at (515) 778-5528 or by e-mail ( to receive a copy of the minutes from a board meeting.

A copy of the year-end financials will be provided at the annual member meeting that is held on the first Monday of February each year.

Can the board amend the covenants or grant exceptions to the covenants?

No. The board has absolutely no authority to change or amend the covenants.  The boards role is to impartially discuss association members complaints about neighbors not in compliance with the current covenants and discuss how to follow up on the complaint.

What is the process for amending an item in the covenants?

The first step would be to provide the Board written notice seeking an amendment with proposed amendment & specific language.  The Board may place member on the next Board Meeting Agenda to hear and discuss the proposal.  The board will vote on members’ requests and, if approved, members have thirty (30) days to obtain 2/3 signatures of the total membership using an approved petition form.

The petition form will be provided to the member. If the member is successful, the completed petition will be presented to the board at the next board meeting.  The board will have thirty-five (35) days to validate the signatures, vote on acceptance and if approved, schedule a special member vote. If vote is approved, the change will be filed with the Polk County Recorder.

What are the Association Covenants?

The Governing Documents for our Association were filed in 2003 by the Association’s developer, Stanbrough Development. These documents include the Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Homeowners’ Association, Declaration of Covenants, and By-Laws. Governing Documents are created by an Attorney and describe how the Association should be run, including:

  • What obligations the Association has to its members
  • What obligations members have to the Association
  • The rules & regulations members are expected to follow
  • The methods available to the Association to enforce said rules & regulations

Please note that neither the current nor previous Board of Directors had any input into the creation of these Covenants.  The Board is also unable to make changes to the Covenants without a majority vote of the Association members.  The Board can set its own rules and regulations, but these cannot contradict the Covenants.

Where can I find a copy of the full Association Covenants?

For your convenience, the board has provided the documents under the Legal Documents section of the website.

You may contact Elizabeth Doerrfeld with Doerrfeld Properties, LLC at (515) 778-5528 or by e-mail ( to request a paper version of the Association Covenants.

What are the fines for Covenant Violations?

View the fee schedule for covenant violations here.

What happens if we do not have enough trees to be planted?

If this is the case, the Association asks that an action plan be submitted advising of when the appropriate number of trees will be in place in order to avoid $50 month fines being assessed.

Are permanent structures included in the square foot calculations?

Permanent structures, such as sport courts, etc. can be subtracted from the square footage calculation.

How do we determine if a tree is in compliance with the ordinance?

Questions can be submitted to the Association Manager and the Board will review.